M11 Special Sniper Rifle

Press Release November 19, 2057

Major General Bruce Anderson has announced today that Goldstone Magnetics has been awarded the Self Contained Gauss Rifle contract, to be called the M11 Special Sniper Rifle. The UCAS Army has looked toward the Gauss Rifle, originally called Project Einstein, as a replacement for their heavy sniper rifle. Dr. Craig Smith along with key members of his design team were on hand for questions and a demonstration. The press were not allowed into the demonstration, however Dr. Smith was very responsive with his answers to their questions.

"With this product we will have brought to our company five very important patents along with four more that the UCAS Government will own. This will insure that the developments we have discovered will extend to many industries and uses." said Dr. Smith.

"No the costs involved in the production will still not allow the use of this weapon as a front line weapon." Dr. Smith then stepped back and General Grathmore of the Weapon System R&D department spoke up, "The M11 will be used in limited ways for now. However we will continue to develop and test new designs as we can."

Dr. Smith, "Yes, the M11 is an exciting advance in weapon systems, however keep in mind that the cost vs. the performance will need to be taken into account."

"I am unsure if this will completely replace the sniper rifle used today. It is going to be very helpful to come tactical missions and has had positive reactions from the members of the military who have tested it for us." At that point Major General Anderson concluded the question and answer session.

M11 Special Sniper Rifle

The M11 combines the functionality of a field sniper weapon with the advanced science of magnetic railguns also called a gauss gun. This pre-production model has a combined battery pack and magazine. The weapon itself has a nice balance and seemed well built. The overall package included a smartgun link, Mag 3 Scope with a Low Light attachment, an internal bipod that folds the forgrip, and a duel setting that allowed for sonic and subsonic firing. In the subsonic mode the weapon is virtually silent.

[ Game Mechanics: The Rifle has two settings; Sonic that accelerates the projectile to speeds faster then the speed of sound (Damage of 12S) or Subsonic that moves slower to allow silence but does less damage (Damage of 10S). If the subsonic setting is used, treat the weapon as if it has an integral silencer. ]

M11 Special Sniper Rifle
HSN:Con:-, Rng:40/80/200/400, Ammo:10(c+battery), Mode:SA, Dmg:12S/10S, Wgt:10
          w/Smartgun Link [-2 Target Mod]
          w/Shock Pad [Compensates 1 pt of Recoil]
          w/Mag 3 Scope, Mount:Top, [Shift -3 on Range]
          w/Bipod [Compensates 2 pts of Recoil]
          Custom Ammo: Must use special rounds/clip. [APDS Rounds, Ballistic/2]
          Avail:24/30 days, Cost:40,000¥, Index:4

Above: The special low light attachment on the sight, by itself, and an extra clip for the M11.

Special Ammo Clips and Ammo for the M11

This clip includes a battery pack that has enough power for 10 shots. It comes packaged with 10 polysyric hybrid rounds. Clips can be reloaded and recharged for reuse.
New Clip
          Avail:24/30 days, Cost:1,000¥, Index:4

Box of 20 Rounds
          Avail:12/30 days, Cost:500¥, Index:2

Recharge Unit
     It takes about 1 hour to recharge the clip for the M11.
     The clips can only be done one at a time.
          Avail:24/30 days, Cost:5,000¥, Index:4

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